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Farm Animals
Baby Goats

baby goat about 2 days old

Baby goats are usually born in early spring. They are called 'kids' when they are young. The mother goats are called 'nannies' and the father goats are called 'billies'. Nanny goats usually have twins, but can have only one or sometimes have three or four kids. The baby goats can be just about any color. Twins are not always the same color. In some purebred goats the color is standard, but even those have variations in color.

Baby goats can stand up and walk only about 15 minutes after they are born. They are very small when they are newborn. Most are not much larger than a cat, but with longer legs. In about two days the little goats can run very fast and like to hop around. They leap into the air like they have springs on their legs. They jump up on logs, rocks, or anything high. A group of little goats will play 'King of the Mountain' on an old log, jumping up and trying to push the others off.

When the goats are very young they only drink milk, but at about 2 weeks old they will start trying to eat grass or leaves. The first week they sleep a lot. They lie down and stay very still. It is hard to find them when they are hiding in the tall grass. After about a week the little goats will join the goat herd and go with the other goats to graze. They continue to nurse for about three or four months. The little goats grow quickly and are almost full grown at about 8 months.

Twin newborn goats
Snow white kid taking a rest
Tan color baby goat about 2 days old
Where is my Mama?
Nanny and her kid
Newborn black kid with white ears
Hopping up on a log
Hello, Mr. Donkey
Just born kids, about 1 hour old
Kid meets donkey
Kid on a stump
Three day old kid
Twins on a log
Nanny with twins
Twins resting in the sunshine

Graywolf / 2007 / Edited by Riki