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2007 Antique Tractor and Engine Show
White Springs, Florida

1903 and 1910 Peerlees Steam Engines

On the left is a 4 horsepower Peerless steam engine made by Geiser of Waynesboro, PA in 1903. On the right side is a 10 horsepower 1910 Peerless steam engine by the same manufacturer. These are stationary engines made to power some stationary mill or other equipment by a large belt from a pulley on the side engines. They are not self powered and must be towed into place. The steam engines may be powered by coal or wood which is fed into the firebox by hand. These 2 steam engines are completely operational and were running at the 2007 Tractor Show.

B Farmall tractor with McCormick-Deering Harvester

Early B Farmall tractor with a McCormick-Deering grain harvester cut grain in the field and separated the grain from the straw. The early Farmall tractors had no battery or electrical system. The tractors were started with a crank which was put into the front of the tractor and used to spin the engine over by hand. A magneto provided the electrical spark for the engines. The early Farmall tractors had no hydraulics and equipment was lifted or lowered by hand levers.

Antique Fordson Tractor

On the trailer is a Fordson steel wheel tractor which was assembled from parts with a date range of 1918 through 1924. The Fordson tractors were made by Ford Motor Company.

10 HP Fairbanks-Morse Engine

A beautifully restored 1921 Fairbanks-Morse 10 horsepower engine runs with its hit and miss rhythm. These engines used a magneto for fire and were water cooled. The engine block was surrounded by a non-pressurized water jacket. The water level in the reservoir had to be watched closely and any water which evaporated or splashed out, had to be replaced or the engine would overheat. Drip oilers for the bearings were filled by hand. All the early hit and miss engines required constant attention when in operation. The Fairbanks-Morse engines were used to power everything from corn shellers to water pumps.

Cletrac Antique Tractor

A 1940 Cletrac tractor crawls toward the Antique Tractor Pulls to compete in the pulling competition. Almost all tractors and engines on display at the Antique Tractor Show were completely operational. The owners put a great deal of time and money into restoring these old tractors. Parts are very hard to find and many of the parts used to restore the old equipment must be handmade.

Mule Drawn Grader by Western Scraper Company

A mule or horse drawn road grader on display was made by Western Scraper Company. This was a very early version of the road grader or might be used as a snow plow. The scraper was set up with 4 singletrees to be pulled by 4 horses or mules, side by side. Handwheels and levers on the wagon adjusted the depth and angle of the blade.

Antique Tractor Show 2007

Looking down the line of tractors, all sizes, brands, and years of tractors were on display at the 2007 Antique Tractor and Engine Show. In addition to the antique tractors, there were many old hit and miss type engines, antique washing machines, antique sewing machines, wood working machines, and logging equipment. Food and drink trailers were available near the picnic tables. Booths of farm toys, old tractor manuals, and old tools were at the show. Demonstrations of grain threshing, shingle milling, grits / corn meal grinding, and hay baling were scheduled at various times during the day using the antique equipment. It was just not possible to include all the equipment and activities on this website.

Antique Grits Mill

Using an antique hit and miss engine connected to a grits mill by belt drive, this gentleman was grinding grits and corn meal. Putting whole corn in the mill, the shakers and screens separate the different sizes of the ground corn into bins. Samples of the grits and corn meal were available for the visitors.

Flathead Ford V-8 Log Skidder

Used to drag logs out of the woods, a restored Flathead Ford V-8 Log Skidder complete with winches.

Antique Oliver 80 Steel Wheel Tractor

This steel-wheeled Oliver 80 tractor had just been driven off the trailer. Starting with a hand crank, the tractor was unloaded and driven to the line of antique tractors already on display. No flat tires ever stopped one of these tractors from tilling the fields.

Antique Tractor with Front Loader

An interesting set up with a front end loader on this early tractor makes it a popular exhibit at the show. The loader scoop was hydraulically operated and controlled by hand levers very much like modern front loaders.

The equipment featured here was only a small sample of the antiques on display at the show which was held at the Steven Foster State Park on April 6th and 7th, 2007. Steven Foster State Park is located on the banks of the historic Suwannee River in White Springs, Florida.

Note - Unfortunantly there are no pictures from the 2008 Antique Engine & Tractor Show in White Springs, Florida. The show was cancelled Saturday morning due to heavy thunderstorms and lightning. It could not be re-scheduled. Look for pictures of the 2009 show when April comes around again!

Graywolf / 2007 / Edited by Riki