Tupelo trees on a sanbar

The Critter Cam

~Covert Pictures of Florida Wildlife~

These pictures were taken by a hidden camera with a motion detector trigger. The pictures were taken in late afternoon and at night. The flash from the camera causes the reflection from the eyes. The pictures have been edited to add more light. The pictures were taken on a private hunting lease in north Florida. Bears, wildcats, skunks, coyotes, and many other wild animals visit the deer feeder. Some are eating at the feeder and others are hunting the prey animals there. Most of the pictures on this site were taken within 5 miles of a small town, but the location is in a large block of heavily wooded swampy mixed timber land with no real roads and only difficult trails. Wildlife is abundant!

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Florida black bear in the wild - thumbnail Florida black bear at a deer feeder Wild Florida Black Bear

Florida white tail deer buck White tail buck deer with a big rack Big 8 point buck deer

Nice buck at sunrise White tail spike Lone wild turkey

Big bear on a night prowl Florida black bear with glowing eyes from the camera flash Wildcat on the prowl

Coons gather at the deer feeder Red fox in the deer woods Feeding flock of wild turkeys

Big old black bear out for a stroll Wildcat stalking Doe after the rain storm

Florida white tail deer Coyote on the prowl for easy prey Pair of coyotes prowl the Florida woods

Beaver by the stream The lazy bear that posed for a picture Nothing bothers a skunk


Graywolf / 2005