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North Central Florida

Click for Live Oak, Florida Forecast
NOAA Doppler Radar

Featured website - Quarter Horse Colt! Just for the kids!

Emergency Phone Numbers
Rescue / Fire / Sheriff / Police - - - Dial 911

Suwannee County Sheriff - - - (386) 362-2222
Hamilton County Sheriff - - - (386) 792-1001
Columbia County Sheriff - - - (386) 752-3222
Lafeyette County Sheriff - - - (386) 294-1222
Florida Highway Patrol - - - (800) 395-8248
Shands Hospital at Live Oak - - (386) 362-1413
Lake City Medical Center - - (386) 719-9000
Trinity Hospital in Jasper - - (386) 792-2101
Shands Lake Shore - - (386) 754-8000

Florida Hunting and Fishing Information link to FWC website

Suwannee County Solid Waste Recycling Center times


Florida Outdoors Websites
Big Shoals
Critter Cam
Florida Caverns State Park
Hillsborough River State Park
Steven Foster State Park
Suwannee Lake
Suwannee River State Park
Suwannee Springs Recreational Area
Upper Suwannee Canoe Launch Map
Spirit Of Suwannee Music Park
2007 Antique Tractor Show
Antique Tractors
White Oak Rat Snake
Baby Goats

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